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Clubs Promote the Best in Active Adult Living

Our community at Sanderson Ridge is diverse, inclusive and vibrant. Residents range from age 40 to 70+, which means neighbours can connect with like-minded people at a similar stage of life. Sanderson Ridge has been designed to assist residents in leading rich, full lives, and our dynamic breadth of clubs offer the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill, rediscover past interests and forge lasting connections with those around you.

Socially engaging activities keep your mind sharp, your body healthy and your days exciting.

Joining clubs or group activities is often a primary component of childhood, but participation often drops off significantly during adulthood. However, being part of a club has myriad mental and physical benefits for adults of all ages, such as disease prevention, maintaining a healthy weight and strong body, as well as improved self-esteem and confidence.

Keep reading to learn more about the clubs offered at Sanderson Ridge, where you can experience the best in active adult living.

Get in the Game

Are you a card shark—or even an aspiring one? Sanderson Ridge has plenty of opportunities for you to sharpen your card skills in a fun, relaxed setting with players of different skill levels.

Card clubs at Sanderson Ridge include cribbage, poker, bridge, euchre and canasta.

If cards aren’t up your alley, we also have a clubs for Mahjong—a tile game created in China that gained popularity throughout the 20th century—puzzles and pool.

Get Moving

Incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is a key component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing illness—even moderate activity can make a difference, and group activities make exercise more enjoyable! At Sanderson Ridge, we understand that each of our residents has different interests and abilities, and our physical fitness clubs reflect this diversity.

Dust of your dancing shoes and join our line dancing club, release tension and build flexibility with yoga, make a splash with aquasize, strike out at the bowling alley or join a variety of exercise classes in our state-of-the-art fitness facility.

Creative Inspiration

Creative activities are a fun way to hone new skills, but they are also beneficial for keeping your mind stimulated—not to mention, you can also create something beautiful to display in your home at Sanderson Ridge.

Our fully equipped woodworking shop has everything you need to complete small or large projects from start to finish, and our woodworking club is the ideal time to collaborate, learn new techniques and take on new projects.

Sanderson Ridge also offers an arts and crafts club to spark your imagination and bring your creative ideas to life.

Get in touch to learn more about Sanderson Ridge and book a tour to learn more about our clubs and experience our unparalleled living for yourself.

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