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Three older gentleman playing pool

4 Ways Games and Sports Invigorate the Brain

Fun and games are not just for kids and teenagers; the importance of sports and games on our brain is critical for our physical and mental health. Whether you enjoy playing sports like tennis or golf,...
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Five Benefits of Living in A Condo

Condo life is special for a variety of different reasons. Life in a condo can present a break from the routine that you were used to living. You can now embrace a new scenario, a new environment and n...
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Woman Saying Hi To Her New Neighbours

5 Ways to Welcome A New Neighbour To the Community

Entering a new chapter of your life can be intimidating; a brand-new home, brand new neighbours and a brand-new lifestyle can be overwhelming to some. Therefore, it is important to be a good neighbour...
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Middle Aged Man Finishing Up His Exercise

How Physical Activity Benefits Us as We Age

Regardless of how old you are, physical activity helps strengthens our muscles and our cardiovascular system. Working out and staying active supports our immune system and reduces the risk of high blo...
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