A Typical Day At Sanderson Ridge

Good Morning from beautiful Sanderson Ridge.

Waking up to this gorgeous Fish Creek view never gets old, even when it is snowing and minus 30 out! It’s time to get active and get my day started! I decided to go to aqua size class rather than the exercise class that Sanderson offers, so I can relax in the hot tub and warm up after class. I know most of the residents in class as they had welcomed me with open arms when my husband and I moved in. The phrase I heard when we were looking to purchase at Sanderson was, “You’re going to love it here!” which I am already seeing is true, as I do love it here and we’ve only been here a short amount of time. The residents are amazing. It’s like a small town here, they are always willing to help, so welcoming, they look out for each other and boy are they active. There is not a day where there is not
something going on!
Ok back to Monday schedule! Time to hone in on my artistic talents. Mixed media is from 10:00am – 4:00pm which gives me time to work on the craft projects that I put to the side thinking I’ll get to those one day, well that one day has arrived. I’m nishing up a quilt that I started years ago, I think my son was 17 years old, he’s now 26, he’ll still love it! I’ll quilt for about an hour or so today and then off to Mah Jong at 1:00pm to defend my winning streak. I was not familiar with the game when I moved in but now, I am very familiar and loving the game and the new friends that I have made.
Three o’clock is coffee time, which is great, so I can catch up with the residents that I have not talked to for a couple of days and hear what has been going on with them. After coffee I’ll go back to my suite for a delicious dinner that my husband made for me in our well-designed kitchen, with or top of the line
appliances, before I go play Bridge and call it a day! This is just one of my typical days. I am more active being retired and living at Sanderson Ridge than I was before.

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