3 Maintenance Tips for Condo Owners

Here are some basic tips to keep in mind if you experience troubles in your condo:

Living in a condominium is a fantastic experience. Especially when your condo is a part of an adult living community, not only will you have an extravagant living space, but unlimited options when it comes to leisure, rest and relaxation. Sanderson Ridge provides all tenants and purchasers with maintenance and support should there be mechanical issues or disturbances preventing them from enjoying their living space or lifestyle. For small issues that can be taken care of in seconds, it may be faster and easier to take care of them independently.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Breaker Box

Upon moving into your new condo, you should immediately locate and familiarize yourself with your breaker box. All your electronics (fridge, stove, television, electric fireplace, etc.) will be hooked up to this box and should an electric circuit trip, all you’ll have to do is flip a switch before attempting to turn it back on. Label the switches with scotch tape and a permanent marker to help you remember what each switch controls.

Fix Squeaky Door Hinges

A door hinge that squeaks is a common issue with homeowners all around the world. Instead of calling down to the receptionist to request a repair, try applying a water-displacing substance such as WD40 to the door hinge, you will effectively stop your door hinges from making noises when you open and shut them.

Clogged or Backed-up Sinks or Toilets

After multiple uses the drains in your condo may end up getting clogged. When your toilet’s drain is clogged, you may be unable to flush your toilet successfully. When your pipes are backed up, you may be unable to run your faucet without it filling your hand basin. Hair, foreign objects, and food debris may plug the drains in your home, so it’s important to be mindful before pouring them into your toilet or sink. You can prevent backups by periodically pouring boiling water down your sinks and toilets. If clogs should continue, cleaning products like CLR will help ensure your drains are clear.

Bonus: Basic Cleaning Techniques

Living in a clean condo will improve your quality of life. Doing simple things like drying up pools of water around your sink and showers will prevent mould and grout from forming. Routinely dusting your ceiling fans and return vents will improve the quality of air in your condominium and prevent you from experiencing allergenic reactions. Ensure that you are correctly discarding unwanted or leftover food to avoid bugs and rodents from becoming an issue. Pick up all items off the floor that you could trip over and replace all burnt out lightbulbs to improve sightlines.

The support team at Sanderson Ridge is ready and waiting to accommodate any requests for repair or assistance, yet, there are things you can do to improve your quality of life in a split second! For more information, contact Sanderson Ridge today!

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